Application for Grant Aid

Submitted on: 03 Jul 2014

Expedition details (GPF2014b-001)

Expedition Name (& Club): China Caves Doshan
Destination country: China
Region: Guizhou province
Lat: 25.8643 Long: 108.7879 Elevation: 455 m
MEF funding: none

Leader: Mr Tim Allen
Total cavers: 8
Cavers ≤25 yrs old: 3
Cavers 25-35 yrs old: 2
UK/nonUK cavers: 8/0
Eligible for grant aid: 0
Alex Pitcher nominations: 2
Expedition dates: 4th Oct 2014 - 26th Oct 2014
Duration (days): 23
Man-days in field: 160 Man-days travelling: 24
Brief Expedition objectives:

List a short summary of the main Expedition objectives.

Exploration objectives in Doshan area following on from previous visits in 1988/89 by British team now that the area has better communications.
How can the GPF support your Expedition?:

Please explain the aspects of the trip which make it eligible for Ghar Parau funding.

GPF wishes to support cave exploration expeditions, especially for younger cavers. Our team has a high percentage of younger cavers we wish to encourage further in this field.
Detailed description of objectives:

Give a more detailed account of the purpose of the trip, including any particular known caves you intend to visit, specific areas where you will explore for new cave, and scientific experiments you will attempt.

Review previous exploration in this area.

There is clearly a large cave system which has only partially been explored. The Xinu/Ban Dong system (17km) ends at Titan Chamber, possibly the forth largest chamber in the world. There is 4km between there and the large river resurgence. The possibility of significant cave and large chambers exist.

Other sinks feed into the area which offer further potential.

Document, survey and photograph.

Build relationship with Anlong government and promote caving.
Previous work in this area:

Give details of any previous work in this area by your own and other teams. Include references to reports and articles published on the area, and the names of any local cavers or academics with whom you have discussed the Expedition.

British expeditions in 1988 and 1989

Reported in;
Cave Science Vol 20, No.2 Nov 1993
Caves & Caving No.42
Red Dragon No.15

Expedition Finances


Travel plans:
UK to Guiyang by air. Then hosted by Chinese who are arranging all local transportation.

# from UK: 8 Travel costs breakdown (for personnel leaving from the UK):
Total costs from UK: £11,200 Flight £800. £40/day to hosts which is largely for travel arrangements

# from outside UK: 0 Travel costs breakdown (for personnel leaving from the UK):
Total costs from outside UK: £0

Travel total: £11,200 Travel p.p. from UK: £1,400
Travel p.p. from outside UK: £0


Total: £1,600 Comments:
Subsistence p.p.: £200 Allows £10 of the £40/day for subsistance


Total: £500 Comments:
Subsistence p.p.: £63 Store in Guilin will require topping up and a small amount of equipment to be bought

Special 1

Total: £1,200 Comments:
Special 1 p.p.: £150 Insurance
Exped Total: £14,500 Exped cost p.p. travelling from UK: £1,812
Exped cost p.p. travelling from outside UK: £0
Mean Exped cost per person: £1,812

Other Funding

Total: £0 Comments:
Total shortfall: £14,500 Mean shortfall per person: £1,812

Referees and Report

Please give the names, addresses and phone numbers of two suitably qualified people whom the Committee can contact. You should ensure that they are aware of the objectives of your trip, and that you have their permission for the Committee to contact them.

Referee 1: Mr Andy Eavis

Reason: Andy is in full support of the expedition

Permission obtained?: Yes
Referee 2: Ms Erin Lynch

Reason: Erin is very likely to be joining the expedition as part of her role at the Karst Institute in Guilin

Permission obtained?: Yes

Expedition report author: Tim Allen


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