Application for Grant Aid

Submitted on: 08 Feb 2013

Expedition details (GPF2013a-015)

Expedition Name (& Club): CUCC Exp to Austria 2 (CUCC)
Destination country: Austria
Lat: 47.7175 Long: 14.0642 Elevation: 0 m
MEF funding: none

Leader: Mr Alex Crow
Total cavers: 22
Cavers ≤25 yrs old: 0
Cavers 25-35 yrs old: 0
UK/nonUK cavers: 20/2
Eligible for grant aid: 0
Alex Pitcher nominations: 2
Expedition dates: 20th Jul 2013 - 25th Aug 2013
Duration (days): 36
Man-days in field: 600 Man-days travelling: 0
Brief Expedition objectives:

List a short summary of the main Expedition objectives.

Continuing exploration and survey of the Schwarzmooskogel ridge caves in the Loser Augsteck Plateau in the Styrian Alps, Austria.
This year the main aim will be surface prospecting and pushing North and West of the existing system..
How can the GPF support your Expedition?:

Please explain the aspects of the trip which make it eligible for Ghar Parau funding.

Detailed description of objectives:

Give a more detailed account of the purpose of the trip, including any particular known caves you intend to visit, specific areas where you will explore for new cave, and scientific experiments you will attempt.

The Schwarzmooskogel system is the most extensive cave system below the Loser Plateau. Last year CUCC had set out to connect the two longest caves in the area: Kaninchenh
Previous work in this area:

Give details of any previous work in this area by your own and other teams. Include references to reports and articles published on the area, and the names of any local cavers or academics with whom you have discussed the Expedition.

CUCC has been exploring in the area since 1976; an expedition has
been held every year since then, except in 1986. We have explored
large parts of the Schwarzmooskogel system, including its highest and
lowest points The ARGE Grabenstetten from Germany, with whom we have a
good relationship, holds regular expeditions in the adjoining
kataster area on the Loser Plateau.

Expedition Finances


Travel plans:
CUCC organises travel to expedition on a communal basis, with
exceptions for those travelling from or to unusual destinations. The
communal transport is largely by car and ferry, which is the most
economical method of transporting people and equipment. A few
individuals may use plane and train if car space is not available.
Transport of gear to the bivouac is by foot.

International travel

# from UK: 0 Travel costs breakdown (for personnel leaving from the UK):
Total costs from UK: £0

# from outside UK: 0 Travel costs breakdown (for personnel leaving from the UK):
Total costs from outside UK: £0

Travel total: £3,300 Travel p.p. from UK: £0
Travel p.p. from outside UK: £0


Total: £3,900 Comments:
Subsistence p.p.: £177 Camping consumables


Total: £0 Comments:
Subsistence p.p.: £0 Communal caving gear

Special 1

Total: £500 Comments:
Special 1 p.p.: £23 Pre- and post-expedition preparations

Special 2

Total: £920 Comments:
Special 2 p.p.: £42 Contingency 10%
Exped Total: £10,120 Exped cost p.p. travelling from UK: £0
Exped cost p.p. travelling from outside UK: £0
Mean Exped cost per person: £460

Other Funding

Total: £0 Comments:
We regularly receive sponsorship, mainly from food manufacturers, which will reduce food costs
Total shortfall: £10,120 Mean shortfall per person: £460

Referees and Report

Please give the names, addresses and phone numbers of two suitably qualified people whom the Committee can contact. You should ensure that they are aware of the objectives of your trip, and that you have their permission for the Committee to contact them.

Referee 1: Dr James Hickson
Affiliation: University of Cambridge

Reason: (Fellow, Pembroke College,University of Cambridge)

Permission obtained?: No
Referee 2: Wookey

Reason: 0

Permission obtained?: No

Expedition report author: Alex Crow


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